Another Spectacle-selling Snapbot pops up at Brentwood Country Mart in LA

Snapchat now has not one, but two Spectacle-selling Snapbots deployed at the same time. The second dropped Wednesday morning at 10 AM ET (7 AM PT) at a spot near Santa Monica at the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles.

The Brentwood Country Mart is a shopping and for spot in L.A.’s Brentwood district, which actually hosts a petting zoo, too. This is the third time a Snapbot has dropped in the Los Angeles area, which makes sense given that Snap, Inc. is based there and it’s the perfect place to sell a gadget that’s trying to be more of a fashion statement and hype acquisition than an early adopter lure for nerds.

The new spot doesn’t appear to be a permanent one, like the location in NYC next to the Central Park Apple Store, which is set to run through New Year’s and restocks at least once daily. So, if you’re in the area and still want some Specs, head down early and expect a line.

Two of these out in the wild at once is a promising sign for people hoping these become available more widely. It’s a 100 percent increase over the previous number of total worldwide locations, after all.

Kit, the Expa-backed social network for item reccos, lands $2.5 million in seed

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Kit, the Expa-backed platform for product suggestion, has now announced the close of the $2.5 million from personal Capital, Precursor Ventures, April Underwood, Ellen Pao, Authentic Ventures, Black Angel Tech Fund, and Expa.

Kit lets users select and review services and products they’ve used and owned to construct ‘kits’. These kits normally focus on a certain theme or category like “My Desk Setup” or “My Photography Bag”. But right here’s the true kicker: Kit allows users generate income off of Kit using their very own Amazon Affiliate ID for each product within their Kit.

What’s more, the business isn’t using any income off of the affiliate model and has now alternatively considering the fact that fully for their users.

Kit may be the brainchild of Expa partner and Foursquare cofounder Naveen Selvadurai and Kit CEO Camille Hearst.

Hearst stated in the phone that Kit’s consumer purchase strategy has focused mainly on specialists and influencers (those that curently have a social media following who’ll join them on Kit).

Categories that have currently removed include gear (photography, videography, video gaming and desk equipment) and holistic, natural basic products (health care, natual skin care, cosmetics).

Kit has yet to make on monetization and is alternatively centered on growing the user base and concentrating on experience of those discovering services and products.

“Part of this capital may help us experiment and test company models,” said Hearst, mentioning sponsorships and SaaS models around creator tools. “We’ve been focused a whole lot on influencer and creator experience, and now we’re centered on what that’s for end-users who’re discovering and finding items.”

Kit is certainly one of the few current tasks away from Expa, the startup studio with raised above $150 million to help develop new startups.

You can examine out Kit on your own here.

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